The heart of every kitchen is the sink and it is so much more than just a place for washing dishes. Over 60% of the work in the kitchen is done here!
This certainly create a great deal of dirt which is time consuming to be cleansed.

BLANCO arrives with a mission to make kitchen chores as simple and as easy as possible by introducing kitchen sinks that are easy to clean, hygiene, long-lasting and beautiful.

Since 1986, BLANCO has been providing Indonesians with premium kitchen sink and tap. All of our sink and tap are made in Germany promising indisputable quality. An independent survey proves it: the heart of every kitchen is the sink and over 60% of the work is done here. BLANCO committed to providing pleasure from and in the kitchen.

Materials in Detail

Blanco kitchen sinks are practically timeless. Manufactured with two materials: Stainless Steel which is rustproof and heat resistant that comes with different finishes – polished, brushed, mirror polished and embossed, also SILGRANIT® which is heat resistant, anti-scratch, easy to clean and hygienic – they have a great aesthetic value, modern appearance and meet every requirement of modern times.

Where to Buy

Curious to have a firsthand experience with BLANCO’s wide range of sophisticated kitchen sinks and mixer taps?

Or want to know where to get one to install on your home or business premises? Find the nearest BLANCO retailer or visit our showroom to experience the elegance of BLANCO kitchen system.

Product Guide:

How to choose a kitchen sink

How to choose a kitchen sink

BLANCO sinks will be the perfect finishing touch to any modern kitchen design. The sink is one of the most important elements of the kitchen design as people spend more than half of their time in the kitchen near the sink. A modern sink is much more than just a place for washing dishes and BLANCO offers the chance to transform the appearance of your sink.

BLANCO Colour Assistant

BLANCO Colour Assistant

The BLANCO colour assistant will help you to create tasteful combinations of sink and worktop - with lots of contemporary worktop designs, any BLANCO sink colour and recommendations for a wide range of combinations. So you can easily check the interplay between the colours and choose your personal favourite. Choose Your Combination

Product Highlight:

Young, fresh and unusual

Life in the city is colorful and versatile. Flexible and exciting. With the system concept SITY / VIU and the matching accessories, it is now also quite easy to set individual accents in the kitchen. Suitable or in contrast to the living environment. Four attractive accessory colors – kiwi , lemon , orange and lava gray – combine well with the sink colors anthracite, alumetallic, rock gray and white.

Mixer taps with lively colours!

BLANCO VIU-S offers plenty of freedom of movement with the flexible hose. Not only do you reach every corner of your sink, but you can also easily fill tall vases or pots. The special feature of this compact fitting is that it comes with a set of interchangeable tubular sleeves in four accent colors. Chrome / lava gray, chrome / orange, chrome / lemon, chrome / kiwi. You have the choice and can change at will.

Phenomenally functional

Do you know the secret of a kitchen where work becomes pure joy and even preparation becomes enjoyment? We would like to tell you: the ETAGON storey pool. ETAGON is so much more than a kitchen sink. The unique concept of basin, functional level and rails enables parallel work on 3 levels. This creates unforeseen possibilities for preparing, preparing, serving, cleaning and keeping order.

BLANCO Product Catalog 2019

Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2018
Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2017
reddot award 2018 - best of the best
reddot award 2017 - winner
iF Design Award 2016
Iconic Awards 2017 - Interior Innovation Winner
Focus Open 2017 Silver

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