Welcome to BLANCO Indonesia, Home of Premium Kitchen Sinks and Taps.

Since 1986, BLANCO has been providing Indonesians with premium kitchen sink and tap. Our sink and tap are made with indisputable quality. An independent survey proves it: the heart of every kitchen is the sink and over 60% of the work is done here. BLANCO committed to providing pleasure from and in the kitchen.

About BLANCO Germany

One of the world’s leading providers of high quality kitchen sinks and mixer taps

Blanco represents competence in every aspect of the sink unit and is one of the leading suppliers in the world. With a full range of sinks, bowls, mixer taps, waste separation and organization systems and accessories, the company has a wide and comprehensive choice for every segment with perfectly matched system solutions to suit any requirement.

Family-owned since 1925, BLANCO’s humble beginnings included making copper galvanized parts for cookers and hot water bottles with a team of 30 loyal employees. Today, we have produced more than 50 million BLANCO sinks, and are recognized as a world leader in quality, innovation and unsurpassed service.

BLANCO is based in Oberderdingen (Baden-Württemberg) in Kraichgau, which is also known as the “Baden Tuscany”. The main production sites of Germany’s leading sink manufacturers are not far away. BLANCO maintains close contacts with its markets through its international subsidiaries and partners of many years’ standing.

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