How to Choose Kitchen Sink

by | May 16, 2019

You need a comfortable kitchen space before anything else. And the first thing to start with when decorating or redecorating the kitchen is the sink. Do you know that 60% of time spent in the kitchen is at the sink? Choosing the right kitchen sink is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Your kitchen sink will have a significant impact on your day to day life, and you want your sink to stand the test of time. Food preparation, cooking, washing and cutting are important tasks which can be very efficient – even enjoyable – when you have the right sink.

This guide will help you learn about the basics of kitchen sink and what makes it do functional and versatile in your home.

Know Your Cabinet Size


How to choose kitchen sink - BLANCO Alaros


You need to know your kitchen cabinet size before you start shopping for your new sink.

Are you renovating your entire kitchen and installing new cabinetry? Or are you just updating your countertop and backsplash? Regardless of the project, measuring the size of your existing or new sink cabinet is a great place to start.

Standard kitchen cabinets in Indonesia come in the width of 60 cm but the length differs. Make sure you know the placement for your sink in your kitchen and measure it before choosing your sink.

What Style of Kitchen Sink Do You Want?

With so many different, unique sink styles to choose from, we’re here to help break down the features and benefits of each one.

  • Insert/Drop In Sinks

How to choose kitchen sink - BLANCO Pleon 6 Split

BLANCO Pleon 6 Split

Insert/Drop-in sinks are the common sink option, typically easier to install. The sink is dropped into a hole in the countertop and the lip of the sink rests on the countertop. Depending on the thickness of your countertop it could save an inch or more of clearance in the cabinet below the sink. If you have a laminate countertop, then this is the sink for you.
This kind of sinks are easier to replace but lack the sleek profile of an undermount sink.
  • Undermount Sinks

How to choose kitchen sink - BLANCO Andano 400 U

BLANCO Andano 400/400 U

Undermount sinks are installed beneath the countertop and provide a no-barrier transition from countertop to sink. These sinks can also be installed with a positive, negative, or zero reveal. This type of installation also gives you a little extra bowl depth.
They have a clean, seamless look and work well with granite, marble or engineered stone countertops because it’s important that the edge of the countertop be waterproof.

Kitchen Sink Bowl Configuration and Depth

The size of your kitchen sink also depends on the number of bowls it has. Based on how often you cook and make use of dishes can you determine the right number for you. The most common kitchen sink, in this regard, would be a large single bowl sink. But if you want more space and comfort while washing bigger dishes. And if you have that kind of kitchen counter space, choosing a double basin sink is ideal.

The main factor to consider is the typical activity that would take place in the kitchen. Deciding the number of bowls you need, based on that factor, can help you narrow down your search.

  • Single Bowl

How to choose kitchen sink - BLANCO Zerox 700U

BLANCO Zerox 700U

PROS: Popular for their functionality and generous bowl size. Cookie sheets and long-handled pots and pans can be manoeuvred easily. If you want to maximize the space inside your sink, a large super single is an excellent choice.
CONS: You will need to be able to juggle different tasks if you want to do them at the same time. For example, thawing out meat for dinner while washing dishes could be tricky!
  • Equal Double Bowl

How to choose kitchen sink - BLANCO Andano 400

BLANCO Andano 400

PROS: Two people can use a double bowl sink at the same time. Each sink bowl can be utilized for different tasks. Washing and rinsing dishes is very comfortable with this setup.
CONS: Larger items like cookie sheets and long-handled pots and pans cannot fit in most equal double bowls but a LOW DIVIDE sink is the perfect solution! Scroll down to read about this unique bowl configuration.
  • Equal Double Bowl

How to choose kitchen sink - BLANCO Pleon 6 Split

BLANCO Pleon 6 Split

PROS: Combines the functionality of a large single bowl with the ability to separate tasks with the lower centre divide. These sinks come in equal double or offset configurations. The low divide allows large items to fit inside the sink, while one basin can be filled with water for washing or soaking.
CONS: You can only partially fill one of the bowls. If your cooking style requires deep bowls of water, this may not be the sink for you.
  • Offset Double Bowl

How to choose kitchen sink - BLANCO Pleon 9

BLANCO Pleon 9

PROS: Creates a slightly larger work area inside the larger bowl compared to an equal double bowl setup. Still provides a full divide between bowls allowing tasks to be kept separate. The smaller bowl is perfect for jobs that don’t demand a lot of space; for example, thawing frozen foods or drying dishes in a small dish rack.
CONS: The smaller bowl may not be used as much if you’re used to equal bowl sizes.

Kitchen Sink Material

In choosing a material you should keep in mind that your kitchen sink is a heavy-duty fixture that should be able to withstand the rigors of daily use for a very long time. Different materials will wear in different ways. BLANCO uses only premium materials and offers a lifetime limited warranty on every sink, regardless of the material.

  • Stainless Steel

BLANCO Kitchen Sink Material - Stainless Steel

BLANCO Kitchen Sink Material – Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most popular and common material for kitchens. They withstand scratches, dents, and noise well. Plus, newer stainless steel models come with noise-absorption technology to make usability easier.
Stainless-steel kitchen sinks are one of the most popular options and the material continues to be improved and upgraded. Stainless-steel sinks contain a percentage of chromium and nickel, which is indicated by numbers such as 18/10 (18 percent chromium and 10 percent nickel). The metal imparts a rich glow and adds corrosion resistance. Finishes range from a mirrorlike shine to a satin luster.
Stainless-steel kitchen sinks are appealing because they are affordable, durable, and easy to clean.
  • Silgranit

BLANCO Kitchen Sink Material - Silgranit

BLANCO Kitchen Sink Material – Silgranit

Silgranit sinks are a luxurious and attractive option. Silgranite sinks have a distinctive chiselled face showcasing the natural stone, or sport intricately carved designs. If you are seeking an elegant look, a smooth front surface matching the sink’s interior is always a great option.
BLANCO granite sinks are beautifully designed and scientifically proven to be scratch, stain and heat-resistant.

Don’t Forget About Kitchen Accessories


How to choose kitchen sink - BLANCO Axia III 6S


Sink Accessories allow you to create your own personalized kitchen workstation. Kitchen sinks are now being designed with custom accessories in mind. These custom fitted accessories can utilize your sink space in new and creative ways. Our sink bowls and accessories are designed to enhance functionality in the kitchen.
Now that you know the size, bowl configuration and style you would like for your new kitchen sink, use our sink finder to help narrow down the selection for you. BLANCO Indonesia has plenty of sinks to choose from, and our sink finder can recommend specific sink models to match your exact search criteria.


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