Mixer Taps with Lively Colours!

Bring Colour to your kitchen

BLANCO VIU-S offers plenty of freedom of movement with the flexible hose. Not only do you reach every corner of your sink, but you can also easily fill tall vases or pots. The special feature of this compact fitting is that it comes with a set of interchangeable tubular sleeves in four accent colors. Chrome / lava gray, chrome / orange, chrome / lemon, chrome / kiwi. You have the choice and can change at will. The operation of the valve is comfortable and safe, with attachable spray, side lever and energy-saving cold-start function. Especially recommended is the combination with the sink BLANCO SITY.

As colorful as life

Lively accents in fresh colors. With our congenial duo from BLANCO SITY and BLANCO VIU you bring the colorful life into your young kitchen.

Smart and aesthetic accessories

Innovative accessories such as cutting boards, trays or rails transform your BLANCO sink into the perfect workstation for cooking preparation or washing dishes. Perfect fit and made of high quality materials, your sink enjoys a high quality upgrade in many ways. When cooking preparation is enough space on the work surface important to be able to prepare well, help with the tailor-made cutting boards, which can be laid non-slip over the sink. With stainless steel hook-in bowls, you can catch your freshly cut food directly. Even wet berries or washed salad can be dripped off without many bowls and sieves. The first-class workmanship of the accessories made from high-quality materials not only makes our helpers long-lasting and safe but they also visually enhance your sink space. Whether from glossy stainless steel, smooth safety glass or first-class natural woods. The quality and design of the accessories are impressive.

Flexible spout

The compact and modern model has a flexible spout for more freedom of movement around the sink.

Four exchangeable hose covers

The cover of the flexible spout is supplied in the four accent colors matching the accessories and can be easily exchanged at any time.

Sensor technology redefined.

Semi-professional design with high ease of use
Also available in surface finish stainless steel finish UltraResist
Convenient locking of the shower by precise magnetic holder
Two-jet showerhead for easy change of pearl jet to shower spray
High-quality stainless steel hose lining: dimensionally stable, flexible and easy to clean

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Four exchangeable hose covers: kiwi, orange, lemon and lava gray (pre-assembled)
Spout swiveling 360°
Tap hole drilling with Ø 35mm required
Cartridge with ceramic seals
Shower hose textile coated
Flexible connection hoses with 450mm length and 3/8 “nut for particularly easy and safe installation
Patented jet regulator for significantly lower calcification
Stabilizing plate to increase the stability of the kitchen mixer when installed in stainless steel sinks
LGA certification provided
DVGW certification provided

BLANCO Kitchen Sink Site XL 6 S Kiwi Series 2


Colours/Surfaces: Rocky Gray, Alumetallic, Anthracite, White
Number of Bowls: 1

Product Highlight:




The Long Awaited Farmhouse Style

The breath-taking apron sink brings back the beauty of classic style to this modern era.


Completely In Black

BLANCO Catris-S Flexo is coated with the ultimate sophisticated color "black matte", giving a contrast look for a designer's level kitchen. 






Evolutionary Touchless Innovation

Expect to experience significant savings in time, effort, and water consumption with this touchless technology.


Product Guide:

How to choose a kitchen sink

How to choose a kitchen sink

BLANCO sinks will be the perfect finishing touch to any modern kitchen design. The sink is one of the most important elements of the kitchen design as people spend more than half of their time in the kitchen near the sink. A modern sink is much more than just a place for washing dishes and BLANCO offers the chance to transform the appearance of your sink.

BLANCO Colour Assistant

BLANCO Colour Assistant

The BLANCO colour assistant will help you to create tasteful combinations of sink and worktop - with lots of contemporary worktop designs, any BLANCO sink colour and recommendations for a wide range of combinations. So you can easily check the interplay between the colours and choose your personal favourite. Choose Your Combination

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