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Frequently Asked Questions


BLANCO has been the leader in granite, granite-like and composite sinks for over 30 years and has manufactured millions of SILGRANIT® sinks without issue. We are the worldwide leader in total unit sales based on unique material patents.

Is the material heat resistant?

Yes, SILGRANIT is heat resistant up to 280°C.

Is the material safe for use with food?

Yes, SILGRANIT is 100% safe for food use. SILGRANIT sinks feature our patented Hygienic Plus formula, which acts as a shield against dirt and bacteria, reducing bacterial growth by an average of 98%.

How do I clean the surface of my SILGRANIT® sink?

SILGRANIT sinks are ultra durable feature a patented formula which makes them extremely easy to clean and resistant to heat, scratches, stains, chipping and fading. They are so easy to maintain, that harsh chemicals are not needed for keeping you sink clean day-to-day, which also helps promote a green lifestyle.

Do sinks made of SILGRANIT discolour over time?

No. The material is cast in a single pouring, and so is coloured through completely. Normal household use does not cause any discernible changes in colour. The colour also remains true in direct sunlight.

What can cause the dark marks and lines in the sink?

Because the surface of SILGRANIT is very hard and extremely wear resistant, metal objects (pots, saucepans, skillets etc.) can leave marks where they rub against it. These marks show up dark on a light-coloured sink.

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