Welcome to BLANCO Indonesia, Home of Premium Kitchen Sinks and Taps.

Since 1986, BLANCO has been providing Indonesians with premium kitchen sink and tap. Our sink and tap are made with indisputable quality. An independent survey proves it: the heart of every kitchen is the sink and over 60% of the work is done here. BLANCO committed to providing pleasure from and in the kitchen.

Innovation by BLANCO Germany

Only a company that consistently develops its products and introduces market-relevant innovations can secure and develop its market strength. They need to prove that their new developments also bring additional benefits, and will prove their worth in harsh daily life in the kitchen. 
BLANCO developments have been the inspirations for generations of subsequent products, and even after many years are still setting the standards on the market.

For some developments, we call upon our full material competence and all our experience as a sink specialist. In 2009 we presented the sink material SILGRANIT® PuraDur, which was our own development, to our customers. We spent a long time working on it and had it tested by various independent test organisations to be sure that it offered an unbeatable level of resistance and excellent care properties. Today, SILGRANIT® PuraDur sinks are the world’s highest-selling sinks made of a composite material. Once you have experienced the advantages of this material, you will not want anything else.

Often, though, the innovations are in the details. Although they look innocuous at first sight, they do offer you a distinct advantage. These details can only be developed by a company that is more involved with the subject of sink centres than any other. All our mixer taps come with a little dirt filter for the angle valve. This saves you the irritation of a dripping tap, and will significantly increase the operating life.

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