BLANCO Solenta-S Senso

Mixer tap with touch-sensor.

Sensor technology redefined.

Semi-professional design with high ease of use
Also available in surface finish stainless steel finish UltraResist
Convenient locking of the shower by precise magnetic holder
Two-jet showerhead for easy change of pearl jet to shower spray
High-quality stainless steel hose lining: dimensionally stable, flexible and easy to clean

  • Patented steel regulator for significantly lower calcification
  • Stabilizing plate to increase the stability of the kitchen mixer when installed in stainless steel sinks
  • Equipped as standard with backflow preventer and therefore intrinsically safe against backflow according to EN 1717
  • LGA certification provided
  • DVGW certification provided


blanco solenta detail 1

Continue working on tasks uninterrupted with a simple hand movement.

blanco solenta detail 2

The sensor detection field is set to a precise 6 cm range. This prevents unintended activations when you do not wish to use your mixer tap.

blanco solenta detail 1

With the location of the sensor being under the spray head docking arm, you always have access to the sensor technology with start-stop interface, regardless of the mixer tap direction.

blanco solenta detail 1

A subtle blue LED display identifies the sensor field and displays the operating mode. A solid light indicates the unit is in standby. A flashing light indicates when the faucet is running.

Product Highlight:




The Long Awaited Farmhouse Style

The breath-taking apron sink brings back the beauty of classic style to this modern era.


Completely In Black

BLANCO Catris-S Flexo is coated with the ultimate sophisticated color "black matte", giving a contrast look for a designer's level kitchen. 






Evolutionary Touchless Innovation

Expect to experience significant savings in time, effort, and water consumption with this touchless technology.


Product Guide:

How to choose a kitchen sink

How to choose a kitchen sink

BLANCO sinks will be the perfect finishing touch to any modern kitchen design. The sink is one of the most important elements of the kitchen design as people spend more than half of their time in the kitchen near the sink. A modern sink is much more than just a place for washing dishes and BLANCO offers the chance to transform the appearance of your sink.

BLANCO Colour Assistant

BLANCO Colour Assistant

The BLANCO colour assistant will help you to create tasteful combinations of sink and worktop - with lots of contemporary worktop designs, any BLANCO sink colour and recommendations for a wide range of combinations. So you can easily check the interplay between the colours and choose your personal favourite. Choose Your Combination

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